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Upinion gives you the opportunity to send out questions to your chosen demographic and get real time answers for market research.

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Upinion is reinventing market research by using mobile technology to deliver answers in real time.

Today information needs to be instant and practical enabling businesses to make quick and accurate decisions. Traditional market research however, is time consuming, expensive and complicated.

That’s why we have launched Upinion. Ask your audience unlimited questions whenever and wherever you want. Simple instant market research.



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Use a mobile audience to help you make better decisions

Will this marketing campaign succeed? Is my pricing competitive? Will people pay more for an environmentally friendly product? When is the best time to launch? Should we be diversifying our business?

In today’s socially connected world where information is instant, reaction time is critical. It is essential for businesses to be able to adapt to this new environment. Companies that understand what people think at a given moment can use this data to improve their products, campaigns, systems, services and company performance. With Upinion you can use your mobile device to conduct research and get answers in an instant.


Get answers to your questions in real time

Download Upinion, type your questions, filter your audience, broadcast your question and receive real time answers from your target audience. You’ll get live stats and filter options to help you learn more about who responded to your question. Collecting data and market insight for research, polls and brainstorming purposes has never been so quick, easy, instant and cost effective.

Upinion uses a one question at a time approach. Unlike multi-questions surveys with their long forms this one question approach offers the respondent an intuitive, easy and fast method for answering questions. With Upinion you can still run multi-question surveys through our one question at a time technology, resulting in instant answers and better response rates.


People get rewarded for giving instant answers

Mobile audiences are rewarded for answering questions, to ensure it is worth their time to answer questions accurately and quickly. Respondents are regularly recruited to cover a broad demographic. By utilizing technology to cross-reference different questions and answers, we can ensure the filters we provide businesses are accurate. With nice rewards and a quick and easy answering experience, we are able to maintain a high quality and proactive audience.


Receive instant statistics and reports

After you have broadcast your question, you will start receiving instant answers. You can then start creating reports by using the filter options to see who answered what to your question. This method offers you a practical insights into the demographics and psychographics of your audience for the question you have broadcast. From this data you can now target a different portion of your audience with the next question. Share the statistics with colleagues and include them in your presentation. Upinion will help you make better decisions.