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Engaging the second screen audience

“We love Upinion’s mobile platform. We now engage withour viewers during TV programs and do our research in real-time”

— Richard Benschop, Research Director


  • Continue to deliver fresh and unique content that is the hallmark of Discovery’s programming
  • How to get in-the-moment insights from viewers, rather than memory-based feedback

Discovery Networks reaches more than 1.8 billion subscribers in 218 countries and territories. Discovery continuously develops new programs and introduces experts to provide viewers with fresh and unique content.

To ensure they’re delivering the best content for their audience and spending budget wisely, Discovery sent out surveys via email to gather feedback after the show has aired. Often this means viewers have moved on to something else and don’t fully remember what they watched, which can lead to inaccurate results.

Discovery needed a way to sit with their viewers while they watched TV and engage with them in the moment.


  • Create online viewing party/ conversational survey group to engage second screen audiences
  • Timed scripted surveys to ask questions during pitval moments of the show

When Discovery premiered Futurescape with James Woods, they invited 350 viewers to join their online viewing party, which doubled as their survey respondents. Over 70% of adults are second screen audiences, which means they are on their phones while they watch TV.

Discovery engaged with their second screen audience by developing a conversational survey which was sent to respondents during the premier. They used timed scripts to ask questions automatically during pivotal moments of the show to gauge how their audience felt as they watched. Viewers chatted with Discovery during Futurescape on Upinion Messenger and provided play-by-play commentary on how they felt about the show.


  • Increased in response rate compared to email surveys
  • Enthusiastic demand for progressive and provocative content regarding human-technology relationships

It was a loud and clear message from viewers that Futurescape was a hit and 81% of viewers wanted more of new host James Woods.

The study further confirmed to Discovery that there was a huge appetite for progressive content that challenged ideas about our relationship with technology.
Since then, Discovery has used input from this study to create additional programing and continues to chat with viewers to learn about what they want to see.

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