Uncovering employee needs in digital transformation processes


  • Engage a target group spread over multiple locations across different countries on a single platform
  • Increase response rates
  • Save time

Mixit helps organisations with development, adaptation and implementation of digital workplace solutions. To design a solution that meets the needs of the end-users, Mixit needed to involve users into the design process so it could create a positive user experience.

Instead of questionnaires per email, Mixit prefered a more interactive customer engagement solution through one research platform, where the end user would feel part of the project so that Mixit could gain the insights they needed.


  • Diary study conversations with date-time conditions
  • Combination of tasks versus questions
  • Meet quality expectations
  • Target respondent in different groups

Mixit found that the Upinion research platform based on social messaging could help them in their mission to develop an employee-centred solution for their client in an efficient and engaging way: it offered the diary-study format they wanted, ability to tap into users in real-time, zoom into specific respondents to dig deeper, pre-schedule questions to be sent out every workday at a set time and get the attention by sending out push notifications.


  • A happy end-client
  • Engagement of the end users (employees)
  • Increased user participation
  • Freedom to use the platform to gain other types of insights

All employees were on board and engaged by using the Upinion Messenger app (pushed via the company’s Mobile device management software) to perform diary tasks and answer questions. User participation increased tremendously and enables Mixit to obtain insights to constantly improve the customer experience, make fewer assumptions about their customer needs and engage with them in the moment.

Mixit was able to deliver a great employee-centred workplace solution for their client with an optimal user experience. Besides the diary study to develop solutions, Mixit now uses the Upinion research platform for concept-testing, HR-research and customer satisfaction.

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