What account type do I need?

We have created 4 account types to reflect diverse business needs. Choose your account based on your usage and group size. If you need more help to select an account, one of our consultants are happy to assist. Just leave us a message and we’ll get back to you asap.

How do I get started?

To get started, sign up and create an account with Upinion (we have 4 different accounts to choose from). With your account you can create your first group, reward and conversational survey. From there, you can integrate your conversational survey with Facebook – invite respondents and start your conversation on Messenger.

Do I need a reward for my group?

Every group is linked to a reward, so that you can show your respondents your appreciation for their time. This reward can be monetary, or a simple thank you. To say “thank you”, you can give your respondents a  Love reward. Other rewards you can give are discount vouchers, vouchers for free products, and prize draws.

How do I create a group?

First, define your group – give them an identity through a customised name, description and image. From there you can invite respondents to your group and start your conversation on Facebook Messenger or Upinion Messenger.

How do I invite respondents?

There are 3 easy options for your respondents to join your group: (1) through a unique Facebook Messenger QR code, (2) through a unique Facebook Messenger .me URL, or (3) through a unique group code on Upinion Messenger.

Choose any or all 3 options, by including them to your marketing assets and/or social platforms that are best suited for your target audience. You can invite as many respondents as you want, and limit the number of respondents who join to fit within your research budget.

How do I create a conversational survey?

Make sure you have signed up and created an account with Upinion. With your account you can create your first group, reward and conversational survey. Design your own survey or use one of our validated templates. Test your survey and publish it to your group.

What happens to respondent data?

Upinion is a GDPR-compliant company, and we hold high regard for data privacy. You can invite respondents anonymously so that they do not need to share data with you. Or you can request for specific data (for example, email). Our grant data access tools allow respondents know what data they share and can revoke their personal data at any time.

Can I get a researcher to help me?

Yes, our research experts are happy to help. Research services are available for Professional and Enterprise accounts. Request customised services by email or through web chat.

Can I use Upinion for something else rather than market research?

Upinion can be used for different types of research and feedback requirements. From pure research, community engagement, training, to keeping track of remote teams; Upinion gives you options. Think you have a unique case? Let us know and let’s see what we can do together.