Transform your market research

Turn your customers, employees or any audience into friends and change makers. Do your market research with them by your side through conversational surveys. Effortlessly turn curiosity into action.


Survey design

Choose from different types of questions, from single answer, to multiple choice, open-ended, rating, image/video, numeric, sliding scale and date/time. Dig deeper by adding new questions & messages as your conversation evolves.

Messenger first

Designed for gathering results on the go and iteratively. Send messages and surveys to respondents directly in their favourite messaging apps, such as Facebook Messenger

Advanced logic

Schedule conversations to go out when you need them to. Reduce survey bias by randomizing questions. Personalize the experience through conditional branching logic and split timelines.


Build communities

Create and customize groups with images, colours and logos. Publish your Group content in multiple languages and regions. Connect your Group to a Facebook page. Communities are low maintenance, as you remain as a contact on your respondents’ Messenger list.

Create invite campaigns

Invite respondents with a unique group code, link or personalized QR code for Facebook Messenger. Publish landing pages and share your invite on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google.

Enjoy unlimited use

Send as many messages and questions as you like to your community. Pick up conversations where you last left off. No extra costs per complete or per respondent.

Master of your own data

Build valuable insights as your community grows over time. Capture respondent data like advertising IDs to monitor campaign effectiveness. View and manage respondent data in your Group settings, while respondents can use the Data Revoke functionality to protect their privacy.


Customised rewards

Reward respondents with what you know they’ll love, whether it’s free products, a prize draw, discounts, or a thank you. Create and customise rewards with images, colours and logos.

Manage your rewards

Manage reward details within a single system and gamify rewards by setting up a point score. Track respondent reward vouchers and redemption directly on Upinion

Create continuous engagement

Show appreciation to respondents with your own reward or link it to a partner reward. Strengthen brand partnerships through cross promotions.


Live statistics

Receive results in real-time as your respondents are answering. Stats are consolidated into presentation-ready charts. Check out raw data to find out which respondents can help you with the next insight.

Filter results

Filter results as you need to find more meaningful insights. Use filters like previous question/answer, country, language, groups, data-time and respondents. Create new presentation-ready charts as you filter results.

Export your data

Integrate with your own analytics program like SPSS, Tableau, Google Data Studio or Excel. Combine results of multiple conversations for advanced analytics. Add columns for more detailed analysis – question type, date/time answered, group info, unique ID and requested data.



Take advantage by getting insights from your followers, or any audience directly on Facebook. Respondents opt in by one simple click. Use Facebook ads to invite people worldwide and conduct conversational surveys in Facebook Messenger.

Upinion API

Integrate Upinion into any part of your business with our API system. We can help you connect your group, reward and conversation data. Contact our support team to get help.


Allows you to access and integrate with over 750 different apps. Create your own zaps and pass info between the apps you use. Get our support team involved to help you set up your Zapier integration.


Share survey responses within your internal systems in real-time to feed your Business Intelligence Systems, CMS or Data analytics. Secured by SSL connection

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