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Since Day One we have worked with research experts, data scientists and methodologists to build a platform that would provide the rigour a researcher wants, and the intelligence a marketer needs.

Join us to help your clients with the next research transition to social. We can make you an expert by providing you the technology. Send us a message, and let us know how we can work together.

Community Partner

We are set to build the most responsive communities in the world, be part of it! Our Community Partners are dedicated to building respondent communities that clients can tap into for insights.

Research Partner

Our Research Partners work closely with clients to build research communities, design conversational studies, manage rewards and integrate ongoing insights into everyday decision making.

Clients de Volksbank
Clients domino's
Clients TBWA

Meet our experts

Marjolein van Ballegooij, MA


Strategic Partner
Consumer insights

Tanya van Tonder

Opinion Solutions

Community Partner
Marketing & advertising

Thérèse Roux, PhD

Opinion Solutions

Community Partner
Marketing & advertising

Durk Bosma, MSc

Inzicht & Impact

Research Partner
Methodological consultant

Joost van den Bos, MSSc

MSI-ACI Europe

Community Partner
Online market research

Jan Holsappel


Research Partner
Consumer Insights

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