Approach your customers on their mobile devices. As simple to use as a messaging app. Upinion allows you to get instant insights and gather data over conversations.

Drag, drop
and script

Easily drag and drop your messages and questions into scripted conversations. Take advantage of a host of advanced features including timer, block modus, testing modus, question scrambler and order picker.

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Communicate instantly with your respondents using unlimited messages, images and video. Inform, instruct and give assignments to make your research interactive and meaningful.


Groups are where the action happens. Whether it’s for a research project, themed discussion or team feedback, you can tailor every group to your specific needs. Invite respondents and they’ll be by your side when you need them.

Smart rewards

Show some love and reward your respondents with thank-you messages, special offers and discounts

Go global

Create multiple language versions of your groups and invite Upinionators from around the world

Upinion is free forever 🙂
for researchers, marketers,
students and everybody else

Start creating conversations