Meaningful insights and better understanding

70% of people abandon surveys before finishing because they’re too long. Run concise studies with social messaging. Get higher response rates and meaningful insights, so you can take action sooner. Upinion is the research platform for an agile digital world.


Insights at your fingertips

Have one continuous conversation instead of multiple static surveys, and get answers when you need them. With our conversational surveys, you can ask more questions as your conversation evolves – just like a real conversation.


Better and faster research

Whether you’re looking to conduct a simple survey or a sophisticated study, Upinion has the tools to help. We provide multiple question types, validated templates and advanced features like scheduled time release, skip logic and question randomiser. One of our experts can also help you with your research.


Improve response rates

Upinion allows you to talk to your respondents on Facebook Messenger (or Upinion Messenger), where they are having authentic conversations with friends and family. Be part of their contact list, engage when you need and increase your response rates.


Learn more, do better

Responses are instantly transformed into boardroom-ready stats. Dig deeper into conversations and analyse data by using our cross-tabular filter. Integrate with your own analytics program like SPSS, Tableau, Google Data Studio or Excel.


Strengthen relationships

Integrate your Facebook page with Upinion and engage respondents in branded communities. Create and manage rewards to motivate them. Transparent security and privacy features give your respondents control over their data and makes them feel in control.

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Start having one-on-one conversations with those who matter most to you.
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Ready to make faster, smarter decisions?

Start having one-on-one conversations with those who matter most to you. Get to know them better so you can do better.

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