Turning a new page in publishing

“Upinion has modernized traditional research and made it proactive rather than reactive.”

– Analda Harmse, Project Manager


  • Strengthen lead position in a competitive newsstand environment
  • Understand reader purchase behaviour, influences and lifestyle

Caxton Magazines is one of the largest print magazine publishers in South Africa. As a leader in the market they need to keep innovating to keep their position in an extremely competitive newsstand environment.

They also needed to clearly define and understand their readers’ purchase behaviour, influences and lifestyles.


  • Create reader discussion panel called PULSE
  • Have weekly conversations with PULSE group about content, products and more

Through Upinion, Caxton created a community called PULSE, where they have weekly conversations with readers about articles, advertising creative, products and more – constantly testing and learning.

They kept conversations short and built on each conversational survey as they learned more about their readers.


  • 1,700 members in PULSE group
  • 73 % completion rate
  • R3 million (€210 000) in additional sales secured

PULSE is 1 700 members strong and sees completion rate of 73% for conversational surveys overall. Members are engaged, they feel valued and that they have a say in what they see. Through insights from PULSE, Caxton has been able to create authentic reader profiles.

This has lead to more informed sales pitches and R3 million (€210 000) in additional sales secured.

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