Amplify people’s voice in crisis situations

By gathering instant insights and stories from people in crisis situations,
Upinion promotes inclusiveness and effectiveness of humanitarian support.

meaningful participation

As time changes,
needs change too

People affected by crisis situations are the best to know the problem, their needs, and the solutions. However, decisions affecting their lives are often made on behalf of them and not with them. Ensuring people’s meaningful participation in decision-making is yet to be sufficiently addressed. Engagement with people using traditional data-collection methods does not ensure effective and continuous participation, especially as it is time and money consuming.

Don’t talk about us, talk to us

Dr. Rouba Mhaissen, Syrian activist and development expert at the 2016

Continuously consulting people, and allowing them to be partners in change is what NGOs need in order to keep their interventions relevant and people-centered. Direct and timely engagement with people is what provides a more comprehensive and complete picture of the situation and opens opportunities for tailored responses.

We are passionate about supporting people in crisis situations to have their voices heard and their needs sufficiently addressed.

Communities that give insights
for increased impact

We build panels in crisis areas around the world using mobile technology and social media. We have continuous real-time conversations with people living in these hard-to-reach areas. The technology we use allows for conversations via the same messaging apps that people use to communicate with their families and friends. We listen to them, gather their stories, and learn about their needs. We then analyse the information gathered, and share the results with NGOs and the people themselves.

Collecting information from communities at any stage of a project cycle allows NGOs to track progress, make adjustments and judge impact. This way, NGO’s can ensure that their programmes are tailor-made to the group(s) they work with. More importantly, our conversations allow for self-representation, direct participation, and active partnership with people in crisis situations.


Continuous conversation

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Be at the right place, at the right time

We independently connect with people living in crisis situations through mobile connectivity and ground presence.

We create a space for their voices to be heard

We create a space for their voices to be heard

Respondents in crisis situations
– Refugees
– IDP’s (internally displaced people)
– People living in disaster-prone areas
– People affected by disease outbreaks

Helping them to have a more comprehensive and complete picture and tailored responses.

Socially responsible sponsors
Socially responsible corporations with a commitment to make a positive change for all.


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Who we are

We started as a technology company focusing on market research and we realised there was a bigger problem that we needed to be part of. Instead of waiting, we chose to be proactive and put our technology and methodology in the hands of those who need it the most.

Our approach is an award winning innovation, which we like to put in the hands of those who need it the most.

2nd place The best idea Award 2018
2nd placeThe best idea Award 2018

Accurate and transparent

We work with strict ethics. It’s very important to us that our research methods never interfere with respect for privacy and security of the people.
We connect with people in a respectful and protective manner complying with the do-no-harm principle.

GDPR Compliant
ISO/IEC 27001 Certified
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