Market research with direct access to your audience

Upinion is a market research technology platform powered by mobile and social messaging which gives you far more access to an audience (2.4 billion) than any other platform. Reach all your consumers directly no matter where they are. Get results within minutes and start making better, more informed decisions.

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Research with you in charge


Instant access

Reach your target audience for qualitative, quantitative or hybrid research through social messaging. Get your market research results with clarity, confidence, and impact.


Ongoing consumer research

Use our technology platform and audience solution to create your own ongoing research panels which you can tap into whenever you need. Integrate ongoing insights into everyday decision-making.


Insights on demand

Keep up with your hyper-connected customers. Upinion’s real-time platform makes it easy for you to put your customers first, test and pivot your products, concepts and strategy.


Connect with your target audience

The insights industry is changing. Are you ready?
Learn how to future-proof your research.

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Ready to make faster, smarter decisions?

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Ready to make faster, smarter decisions?

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