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Discovery Channel testimonial

We love Upinion’s mobile platform. We now engage with our viewers during TV programs and do our research real-time.
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Caxton testimonial

Because our research really is a never ending conversation, we build long term relationships with our customers.
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Regardless of the type of your research, Upinion can help you engage and gain meaningful ongoing insight from new and existing customers, staff or business partners.

Always on
your side

Tap into your audience whenever you need them, and get to know them better and better over time. Push notifications remind them to answer in the moment.


within minutes

Answers are instantly transformed into boardroom-ready stats and data. Work agile and make your decisions on the go to stay ahead of your competition.

Dig deeper
and adapt

Use advanced features to make your research dynamic, interactive and meaningful. Jump into conversations and focus on respondents whenever you want to find out more.


Upinion is free forever 🙂
for researchers, marketers,
students and everybody else

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