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Amplify voices in crisis situations

By gathering instant insights and stories from people in crisis situations, Upinion promotes inclusiveness and effectiveness of humanitarian support.

Universiteit Leiden
Universiteit Van Amsterdam
Help those in crisis situations

Involving communities in crisis situations

Those affected by crisis situations are the best to identify their problems, needs, and solutions. However, decisions affecting their lives are often taken out of their hands, made on behalf of them and not with them.

Direct and timely engagement with affected populations will result in non-governmental organization (NGOs) getting a more comprehensive picture of the situation, allowing them to implement better tailored and people-centered interventions.

Community reports that compile results from interventions

Continuously providing insights 
to NGOs

Upinion provides NGOs with valuable insights from the communities they work with. Our panels engage with thousands of people simultaneously, analyse the text, voice recordings, photos, videos gathered, and share the results with subscribed NGOs.

Utilize messaging apps

We engage with communities in crisis areas the same way they connect with their friends and families using apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Upinion Messenger, and our Progressive Web App.

Connected communities

Accurate and respectful

It’s very important to us that our research methods never interfere with respect for privacy and security of the people.

That’s why we connect with people in a respectful and protective manner complying with the ‘do-no-harm’ principle.

Upinion is committed to the highest standard of the collection, storage and management of personal information and data. We are GDPR, 
ISO/IEC compliant, and members of ESOMAR and MOA.

Increase the impact of your interventions

Increase your impact with a stronger approach

Tailored interventions that amplify the voices of those in need.

Context experts are equipped to handle complexities of the situation at hand. We communicate in their language, build relationships, continue communication to monitor their evolving needs.

Cost effective solution. Our cost sharing relationship with other NGOs.

Rapid deployment. Upinion’s technology allows us to reach affected populations anytime and anywhere.