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We have conversations with people in crisis situations because they are the best to know the problem, their needs and the solutions.

Based on the insights into people’s experiences and recommendations that we get from these conversations, we write reports and share these with the people, humanitarian & development actors, donors, and policymakers.

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  • We’re thrilled to share that Upinion, together with CDAC Network, will be hosting the session ‘“Listen to us” – Affected people reimagining feedback’ at the Humanitarians Networks and Partnerships Week…

  • “I hope everyone understands that Syrians only left their country in search of safety and do not wish to burden anyone. We have capabilities and should be treated with humanity…

  •  🗣️”You presented our problems, and I respect your platform very much. Personally, I consider it the only way to make my voice heard. The only thing is that often there…

  • Join us online or in-person, together with our communities from Yemen and Lebanon, during CDAC Network’s Public Forum on Wednesday 15 November. More information below. #CommIsAid #CDAC2023 #ParticipationRevolution #Upinion

  • 🌟 Feeling inspired after Upinion’s first Council for International Development (CID) Conference experience in Wellington 🌟 The discussions on innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity were particularly thought-provoking. It’s clear that these are…

  • We are excited that our Syrian community from Lebanon has the chance to participate real-time during the Humanitarian Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW) and have a seat at the table…

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