At Upinion, we live to empower the world one conversation at a time; to help our clients innovate their market research and integrate ongoing insights into everyday decision making, by using social messaging as their source of feedback.

Market research is ready for the transition to social media

Upinion is a technology company that is founded in 2013 in Amsterdam by a team of innovators, believers and dreamers. We think big, embrace new approaches to solving problems, and we believe that together with you, we have the ability – to rock the market research industry.

  • Mo Ouass
    Mo Ouass Founder, CEO
    • Gerben Kuipers
      Gerben Kuipers Founder, CTO
      • Marjolein van Ballegooij
        Marjolein van Ballegooij Head of Research
        • Jason Mengers
          Jason Mengers Managing Director Upinion UK
          • Sander Meijer
            Sander Meijer Senior UX Designer
            • Albert Carreras Team Lead & Full-Stack Developer
              • Candice Lo
                Candice Lo Marketing Experience Director
                • Justyna Szczepankowska
                  Justyna Szczepankowska Social Media & PR
                  • Clement Dumont
                    Clement Dumont Growth Team Lead & Marketing Specialist
                    • Louie Flint
                      Louie Flint Platform Specialist
                      • Alberto Martinez Senior Full-Stack Developer
                        • Javier Trujillo
                          Javier Trujillo Scrum master & Full Stack Developer
                          • Rik Smit
                            Rik Smit Senior Full-Stack Developer
                            • Julian Diaz
                              Julian Diaz Senior Full-Stack Developer
                              • Maud Leray
                                Maud Leray Frontend Specialist & Bug Hunter
                                • Rogier Mars
                                  Rogier Mars Code Scrutinizer
                                  • Deniz Gulsoken
                                    Deniz Gulsoken Conversation expert


                                    Upinion is growing and hiring! We’re looking for passionate and talented team members to take Upinion to new heights.


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