done differently

Imagine having your customers sitting next to you,
answering your questions whenever you need.

Upinion on a mission

On a

We want to change the world one conversation at a time, allowing anyone, anywhere to give and get answers to practically any question.

A brief

Working in fast-moving industries, Gerben and Mo, the founders of Upinion,
needed dynamic data and feedback to make swift decisions.
When they searched for the right product to help them,
they were staggered to find there was nothing out there.

That’s when it occurred to them:
why not take advantage of chat messaging technologies to reinvent market research?

Upinion’s friendly, conversational interface lets people ask and answer questions in real time, while advanced research functions let researchers go deeper.

upinion team


Upinion was built on the idea that research should be fun, and that’s reflected in our culture. We believe that people work best when they love what they do, so we try to keep our working environment as open and flexible as possible. We love to party – and you’re invited.

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