One year after the Turkish-Syrian earthquake: living amidst devastation and discrimination


On February 6 2023, the southern regions of Türkiye and adjacent areas in northwestern Syria were struck by two earthquakes measuring 7.8 and 7.6 magnitudes. In Türkiye alone, over 50,000 people lost their lives, and more than 100,000 buildings and homes were reduced to rubble, displacing numerous families. Sleeping at home was not an option for many due to the ongoing danger, especially amidst the thousands of aftershocks plaguing the region.

Immediately after the earthquake, people sprang into action—including Upinion‘s partner organisations. In the initial weeks, they set up emergency kitchens and distributed meals, later expanding to provide non-food items such as blankets, medicines, and hygiene products. As the months passed, the focus shifted from emergency kitchens to housing, employment, and psychosocial support. These needs remain acute, particularly for Syrian refugees in Turkey, as revealed in Upinion‘s recent report.

Upinion, together with 11.11.11 and local partner organisations, has been monitoring individuals’ needs following the devastating earthquakes last year. According to recent conversations between Upinion and its online community in Türkiye, the situation is even more dire for Syrians in Türkiye, with discrimination and animosity escalating in the aftermath, leading to significant repercussions. Please read more about the situation one-year after the earthquakes in our latest report!