A Conversation with and about Syrian refugees: Real-time engagement 22.02.2024

“I hope everyone understands that Syrians only left their country in search of safety and do not wish to burden anyone. We have capabilities and should be treated with humanity and equality.” – Syrian female in Türkiye

This sentiment was shared by one of Upinion’s community members who actively engaged during our recent event, ‘A Conversation with and about Syrian refugees,’ organised in collaboration with PAX and Willem Staes from 11.11.11, at the Humanity Hub in The Hague. The event delved into the experiences, needs, and challenges, as well as future aspirations, of Syrian individuals in their current host countries, aiming to raise awareness and shed light on their situations.

Nearly 400 members from Upinion’s Syrian communities in both Lebanon and Türkiye real-time participated and provided valuable insights before, during, and/or after the event. The attached two-pager contains perspectives from community members who participated in the event, sharing their insights on their engagement experience. Upinion aims to listen to the suggestions provided by their community members, and looks forward to continuing this journey of real-time involvement and amplifying affected communities’ voices.