Highlight in CHS Alliance’s Newsletter: Cordaid and Upinion’s collaborative work in Yemen

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đŸ“£ We are excited to highlight our collaboration with Cordaid in the latest CHS Alliance Newsletter!

Through Upinion‘s digital engagement platform, we have empowered Yemeni communities to co-design their mental health application from the very beginning of development. By placing individuals’ needs and preferences at the core of the design process, we foster meaningful participation, communication, and subsequently enhance accessibility to services. We invite you to explore the full story in the article below!

Aligned with the CHS Alliance‘s commitments, we prioritise inclusivity, transparency, and amplifying voices. We extend our gratitude to our partners, stakeholders, and our Yemeni online community for their invaluable contributions.

Read the article:
‘Living the CHS Commitments: Cordaid’s digital approach to communication, participation and feedback in Yemen