“Listen to us” – Affected people reimagining feedback – Upinion’s session at HNPW 2024

We’re thrilled to share that Upinion, together with CDAC Network, will be hosting the session ‘“Listen to us” – Affected people reimagining feedback’ at the Humanitarians Networks and Partnerships Week (HNPW)!

But that’s not all – we’re not going alone. We will be joined digitally by our vibrant communities from Yemen, Lebanon, and Türkiye. Together, we’re preparing to bring a unique session focused on the crucial themes of accountability and feedback mechanisms.

📣 Our goal? To platform the voices of those directly affected by humanitarian issues and to discuss their insightful perspectives on how accountability and feedback mechanisms should be implemented. This session will provide an invaluable chance for us to learn from their experiences and insights, shaping better, more effective humanitarian practices.

🤝 Join us as we engage in this vital conversation and work towards crafting a more inclusive and responsive humanitarian system.

🏁 Register here for our session ‘“Listen to us” – Affected people reimagining feedback’ on May 7, 14:00-15:30 UTC +2, -in-person or remote- https://lnkd.in/gCYzRvpb

With -next to our communities- speakers Helen McElhinney, Andrea D., Andri van Mens, Fernanda Baumhardt, Joseph N. Ngugi

Let’s make a difference, together.