Live engagement in the recent CDAC Network


 🗣️”You presented our problems, and I respect your platform very much. Personally, I consider it the only way to make my voice heard. The only thing is that often there is no response after such an event.” – Upinion Community Member from Lebanon

These sentiments are shared by our community members from Lebanon and Yemen following their live engagement in the recent CDAC Network event through Upinion’s platform. In addition to expressing appreciation for being part of the event, they desire their voices to extend beyond it, resonating with donors and decision-makers. Their reflections underscore the importance of ongoing dialogue and ensuring that the impact of these conversations extends far beyond the immediate interactions, encompassing direct consultation, community visits, and tangible benefits for their community.

As we move forward, our commitment remains steadfast—to amplify the voices of our communities and translate their feedback into meaningful action. CDAC Network‘s event was just one step in an ongoing journey, and we look forward to building on these connections to create a lasting impact.

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