Political Goals over Moral Obligations: Europe’s Troubled Response in the Mediterranean

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❕ So far this year, the Libyan Coast Guard has intercepted over 5,750 people, often subjecting them to torture, extortion, and sexual abuse in detention centers, as well as more than 1000 people lost their lives or went missing in the Mediterranean sea. Europe’s focus on restrictive measures raises concerns about its commitment to human dignity and protecting the rights of those in desperate circumstances – concerns that are exacerbated by the recent JHA Council agreement on the EU Pact on Migration & Asylum.

📚 We invite you to read our latest blog post, where we delve into the pressing issue of irregular migration and the alarming situation faced by those attempting the perilous journey across the Mediterranean. We shed light on Upinion’s engagement with migrants in Libya in 2021, to better understand their stories and to emphasise the need for urgent, meaningful action from European countries.