The situation of Afghan refugees: 2 years after the take over of the Taliban

In March 2022, a telling insight from an Afghan male in Türkiye was shared in Upinion’s conversation: ‘I have been in Turkey for two months. The Turkish police were waiting at the border. They sent us to Iran twice. They took us from the city by beating and torturing us.’ This quote reflects the grim reality faced by many Afghan refugees in the country.

Upinion’s conversation in the same month revealed more distressing insights. Out of 110 Afghan refugees in Türkiye, 55 expressed a haunting fear of forced repatriation. 78% felt imprisoned in their own residences, unable to move freely, as well as an alarming 64% struggled to meet basic needs, resorting to borrowing money as their primary income source. For further in-depth insights into these and additional findings, please read the report below.