Ukrainian refugees’ realities in Moldova and Poland two years on

At the start of this year, Upinion and the Norwegian Refugee Council engaged with refugees in Ukraine, Moldova, and Poland, marking two years since the war began. While we’ve previously shared perspectives from communities within Ukraine, we now present in-depth insights into the hardships of more than 1,100 refugees from Ukraine currently residing in Moldova and Poland.

Two years into the conflict, community perspectives show that refugees from Ukraine face ongoing trauma, family separation, and daily struggles to survive. The initial wave of solidarity from host countries is waning due to rising challenges like inflation and limited access to essential services. With declining funding, shifting donor priorities, and uncertain prospects for a safe return, it’s crucial to support refugee communities in these host countries. This includes providing sustainable funding, legal documentation, housing, education, vocational training, and employment opportunities. For more detailed findings and recommendations, please read our report below.